We Care
We care for one another by helping feed the hungry, comfort the sick, aid the elderly, shelter the homeless, and support those in need or with disabilities – wherever they are in the world. We advocate for the vulnerable and fight for social justice. We also invest significant resources in preventing, preparing for, and responding to potential security threats to our community.

0 550 Project Safe Classroom Backpacks distributed to Jewish Cleveland classrooms, containing medical and emergency supplies, as well as safety equipment.


Caring For the Elderly

Federation invests significant time and resources into the care of our community’s elderly. We provide an essential lifeline to food, medical care, and social activities for hundreds of thousands of elderly here and around the world.

Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland is providing resources for families caught in this medical crisis in order to reduce stigma that isolates family members and prevents them from asking for help. Cleveland is the first Jewish community in the country to come together as one to break the silence. 

Addressing Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

The number of individuals who will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is expected to nearly double in the next decade. To address the needs of this growing population, the Federation formed an Alzheimer’s/Dementia Task Force that is leading the community’s coordinated response.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Enhancing security is no longer an option. The Federation is the driving force working to keep our community safe and welcoming in the face of increasing anti-Semitism.