Caring for the Generations Who Came Before

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland cares for the elderly, ensuring they live with dignity and respect thanks to our community’s best programs and services.

For 99 year-old Ruth Goldstein, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland is a lifeline to nourishment, friendship, and independence. Ruth takes part in the Lunch Plus program from Mandel JCC, a beneficiary agency of the Federation. “Coming here keeps me living so long,” Ruth said. “The food is good, but more than that, it gives me something to do and keeps me on a regular routine. It makes me want to get up in the morning.”

Along with free transportation to and from the Warrensville Community Apartments dining area, the Lunch Plus program serves more than 12,000 nutritionally balanced, hot kosher meals to nearly 200 elderly adults ages 60 or older annually. “Many of our seniors have no family in town or they’ve outlived their loved ones,” said Yolanda Nixon, Lunch Plus supervisor. “This program gives them a sense of self.”

There are thousands of elderly individuals that our community supports through the Campaign for Jewish Needs. For example, Café Europa, a Holocaust survivors program through Federation beneficiary Jewish Family Service Association (JFSA), is a weekly gathering where local Cleveland Holocaust survivors are able to meet, mingle, and be entertained at the Federation’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Building. “It’s a good feeling to know we’re remembered, we’re looked after in the Jewish community and through this organization,” said Sam Burke, a Holocaust survivor and member of the Café Europa group.

And just 10 minutes down the road are Menorah Park and Montefiore, Federation beneficiary agencies that also specialize in caring for the elderly. At Menorah Park's R.H. Meyers Apartments, resident Jane helps other residents make every minute count with humor, singing, and smiles. You can usually find her having lunch with friends, working out, swimming, or creating a new arts and crafts project. While making others smile, Jane also takes aging seriously with occupational therapy at the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center to maintain her good posture. "You can't ignore your body," she says. This environment allows Janet to age with grace, as her heart remains youthful and full of song. For Jane, that's a wonderful way to live.

The same can be said for Sandy (z”l), who was as passionate about living at Montefiore as she was about everything life handed her. Immediately after moving into Montefiore, she became one of the most reliable and friendly residents, and was close with nearly everyone living and working there. As president of the resident council, Sandy made sure the needs and wants of her fellow residents were heard. Sandy was an advocate for senior services and was a strong voice for Montefiore and the entire Jewish community.

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It’s a good feeling to know we’re remembered, we’re looked after in the Jewish community and through this organization."