By supporting the Campaign for Jewish Needs, you are supporting the only initiative in Cleveland that focuses on the health and vitality of the entire Jewish community.

This year, there are more ways than ever to stand with us and be counted. 

Start a Fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook has made it easy to raise money for the Campaign for Jewish Needs by offering no-fee fundraising pages. This means that every dollar you raise goes directly to our Campaign. 

Getting started is easy and we're challenging you to be creative and make it fun for your friends and family members to support your page. 


Step. 1 - Go to  and click the "Raise Money" button


Step. 2 - Setup your fundraising goal dollar amount and the date your fundraiser will end.


Step. 3 - Name your fundraiser and tell people why they should donate

Here are some ideas:

- Tell people how the Jewish community in Cleveland has impacted your life and why this is important to you.

- Give your friends a fun challenge goal. For example, "If I reach $1,000 raised, I'll color my hair blue and white for Super Sunday and use that as my profile pictures"

- Feel free to use content from our Campaign for Jewish Needs website and Spread the Word page.


Step. 4 - Pick a cover photo that let's your friends and family know this is your fundraiser

Get Started